Mild confusion and Fruity-smelling breath

SCENARIO: Esrun Lacitcarp is a 21-year-old male who is brought into the Emergency Department by his parents when they noticed his mild confusion and fruity-smelling breath. According to his parents, Esrun was diagnosed with Type 1 DM 6 years ago and he has not been compliant with his Diabetic regimen for the past couple weeks.

He has been going out to the bar with friends almost every night and drinking alcohol and eating fast food.

They are unsure if he has been taking his Insulin. Esrun currently has c/o (complaints of) nausea 8: feeling weak. Assessment by the triage nurse reveals that he is confused to place and his VS were: Imi— Is. 98/68 EB 95% RA 3/10 Headache The nurse checks his BG and gets a reading of ‘HIGH’.

Once assessed by the ED MD, she orders STAT BW, Head CT with contrast, 1 L N Bolus of NS, a urinalysis & urine for ketones,

8: Tylenol 1g po q 6 hours are ordered. —.Em Na+ 1 – K+ Osmolali 12 Ketones Positive Following BW results Esrun is started on an insulin drip (Gtt) of Regular Insulin at 0.14 units/kg/hr with no loading dose 8: Q1hr BG checks. 1. Based on the data, what will the clients admitting diagnosis be?

What data from the above assessments would support this diagnosis? / 14 2. What physical findings could you expect for this patient during a H2T assessment? And what is the main cause for these abnormalities? Complete the table below. / 7 m Abnormal Assessment Findin 9. Main Cause for All _— _—

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