Generalized Anxiety Disorder/Loss

plar 13A. Generalized Anxiety Disorder/Loss (Mental Health Nursing: Older Adult) ding Case (13A-1 Through 13A-6) ng Exercise 13A-1 A home health nurse visits an 88-year-old male client who has a history of Alzheimer disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The client is alert, oriented to self only, and talkative, becoming short of breath frequently during the visit. Vital signs are: heart rate (HR), 65 beats/min; respirations, 16 breaths/min; blood pressure (BP), 136/48 mm Hg; oxygen saturation, 92% (on 4 L/mir nasal cannula). The client has a large, barrel-shaped chest and a productive cough with thick, pa yellow sputum. The client’s wife, who is 12 years younger and the primary caregiver for her spouse present for the visit. She fusses over the client by adjusting pillows behind his back and smooth down the client’s hair. She asks multiple questions about the client’s medications, physical activ and diet, but doesn’t fully listen to the nurse’s responses. She appears fidgety and responds, I remember. Yes, I’ve got this." Use an X to identify the three client findings from the list in the column that require follow-up by the nurse.

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