Girl Interrupted movie treatment

Movie” Girl, interrupted”

Paragraph 1: Introduction to the movie and the depiction of mental illness in the movie (your main sentence within this paragraph will indicate what your three points are going to be.)

Paragraph 2: Accuracy analysis of the movie: How is the character shown to be mentally ill? How is the illness communicated to viewers and to other actors in the film? What diagnosis criteria did the character meet, or not meet?

Paragraph 3: Treatment analysis and recommendation: How is the illness “treated” in the movie? What treatments are available? (Especially if this movie is older, are there new therapies?) Discuss possible treatments appropriate for this character, not specific medications or anything, but long-term goals.

Paragraph 4: Pick your third topic and answer the questions ( Third topic: Professional ethics: How are the doctors and therapists depicted? What are their interactions with the ill character? How are these professionals helping or hurting the situation? What is the purpose of depicting mental health care professionals in this light?)

No need to provide a summary paragraph, but it is a good rule of thumb to go back to your main sentence in the first paragraph and make sure you hit all the points that you said you would address. Make sure each of the paragraphs has a heading that corresponds with what is being discussed.

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