Glomerular disease

Patient Case Question 14. Which urinalysis information suggests that acute renal failure in this patient is not the result of glomerular disease? Patient Case Question 15. Do the urinary microscopic analysis, specific gravity. sodium concentration and osmolality suggest pmrenai acute renal failure or internal acute renal failure associated with acute tubular necrosis.

Patient Case Question 16. Calculate the plasma BUNIcreatinine ratio and suggest whether the calculated value is consistent with prerenal acute renal failure or acute tubular necrosis.

Patient Case Question 17. If the patient’s fractional excretion of sodium is 0.87%. calcu- late the patient’s urine creatinine concentration.

Patient Case Question 18. Why do you expect that an ultrasound study of the patient’s urinary tract was not conducted? Patient Case Question 19. Which therapeutic measure should be considered “first and foremost&quot, and may be very beneficial in reversing the signs of acute renal failure?

Patient Case Question 20. Would dialysis be the appropriate treatment for this patient at this time?

Patient Case Question 21. Should sodium polystyrene sulfonate therapy be instituted in this patient?

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