Encouraging appropriate Handwashing protocol in the workplace

Of yours was tasked with writing an email to the department, encouraging appropriate handwashing protocol in the workplace. She asked you to review her writing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and any other sentence errors. She also wants to make sure her email comes across as professionalhand-washing since it will be going to her co-workers, her supervisor, and the head of the department. What’s up, guys?

So, I have to send an email to you’l about making sure you use appropriate hand- washing methods. Since we’re all trying to stay safe and healthy in this office. There are lots of reasons why u need to wash your hands. First off, wash after you go to the bathroom because that would be really gross and nasty for people to go to the bathroom and then forget to wash their hands which will spread all kinds of germs and might make some people sick, you know?

Next, you probably need to wash your hands after eating lunch or even snacks, or really any time that you might touch your face or mouth or nose and then touch a door handle or shake someone’s hand or give someone a high five.

That’s a big one when it comes to spreading germs. For future reference, please don’t spread your germs and wash your hands . Thanks for listening to my email. Have a good day and remember to wash your W 82 F Sunny

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