Nurses practicing in today’s Healthcare environment

Ethical Scenario Portfolio Paper. Ethical Scenario Portfolio Paper Introduction/Purpose: Nurses practicing in today’s healthcare environment face increasingly complex ethical dilemmas. For nurses to fulfill their ethical commitments to patients, it is important to have an understanding of ethical frameworks and concepts, as well as access to a wide range of information and to keep current with advances in ethical practices.

After choosing your topic, you will formulate a position and then proceed to support your position from the relevant course resources. Remember, there is no right or wrong position. The important thing is how you support your stated position through relevant course resources. Value: 25% Due Date: Week 8 due Sunday by 2359 (1159pm EST) Process:

1. Select a topic from the list below: end of life, nurse staffing, or moral distress.

Be sure to choose a topic that you have a strong interest in or a strong personal belief in.

2. Review course resources about your topic to familiarize yourself with the different perspectives that exist on your topic

3. Formulate a clear and concise essay. The aim of your paper is then to support your position through ethical reasoning using course concepts.

4. Paper Overview: a. Introduction Paragraph that engages the reader’s attention, identifies your viewpoint statement, and gives a brief overview of what the essay will cover. b. Identify how 2 different ethical theories would view the ethical dilemma 0. Identify how 2 or more Bioethical Principles are conflicted in this ethical dilemma. d. Identify relevant nursing standards or codes (CNO)

6. Conclusion Paragraph that provides a summary of the most salient points.

5. 1000 words maximum, not including title page and reference page

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