History of present illness questions

History of present illness questions. Nathan, a 2-year-old male is brought in by the mother with c/o a left earache, runny nose with green drainage, cough, and low-grade fever x 4 days.

  • What focused history (HPI) questions would you ask the parent/child with regard to the CC of the earache? Use OLDCARTS.
  • What specific questions would you ask in the ROS?
  • What components of the physical exam are pertinent to perform on this patient?  Be specific and explain why you are performing the exam.
  • In a child with an earache, what subjective and objective findings would be considered “red flags”?
  • What is the differential diagnosis of earache in this 2-year-old male?  Explain what these potential diagnoses are and how you would rule them in or out during your evaluation of this child.

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