ICD-10-CM code(s) and external cause code(s)

Determine the most accurate ICD-10-CM code(s) and external cause code(s) if appropriate. Using the techniques described in this chapter carefully read through the case study. Remember, to check the chapter-specific, sub-chapter specific and category specific notations within the Tabular list.

A Complete Health Care Facility
159 Healthcare Way • SOMEWHERE, FL 32811 • 407-555-6789
DATE: 08/11/18
Attending Physician: Oscar R. Prader, MD
S: Erick Nader, an 18-month-old male, is brought in today by his parents because of shortness of breath and a cough that has grown worse over the last 24 hours.

O: H: 32.5″, W: 25 lb., T: 103 F, P: 138, R: 37, SpO2: 96% on room air, BP: 95/62. A “bark-like” cough is noted and upon auscultation stridor is heard. A lateral neck x-ray is taken.
A: Stridulous croup
P: 0.5 mL of racemic epinephrine via small volume nebulizer is administered
ORP/pw D: 08/11/18 09:50:16 T: 08/13/18 12:55:01

List the codes, one code per box, in the correct order, from top to bottom. Capitalization, punctuation, and spacing can impact whether or not your answer is correct. Follow coding best practices. What is/are the correct diagnosis code(s)?

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