Impact of Python programming languages on EHR

Impact of Python programming languages on EHR and in the healthcare industry are: Python works on principles that are agreed upon in the HIPAA checklist. The biggest benefit of Python in healthcare is that it can help in making sense of the data by working with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in healthcare. Healthcare is generating tons of data Python can help in providing better decision-making by making the best use of this data, doctors can predict better treatment methods and improve the overall healthcare delivery system. The other benefit of Python programming in healthcare is predictive analytics for diseases. Diagnostic errors are one of the most common mistakes in the healthcare industry. Python healthcare projects that involve the applications of data science can help make an accurate diagnosis through image analysis. It can also be used to improve efficiency of research and clinical trials.

Advantages of open-source programming: It is cheaper than commercially marketed products. Highly reliable with functionality. Help you become more flexible because of continuous innovation.

Disadvantage of Open Source software: Most interfaces are not so user-friendly and easy to use. Usually don’t come with extensive support. It is also very difficult to find drivers for some devices. This can turn into a problem because when you buy new hardware with many functionalities if drivers are not available for the current Operating System you cannot take advantage of these functionalities. Vulnerable to malicious users.

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