Economic and budgetary Impacts of Telehealth policy

Using the CDC’s Policy Analytical Framework, answer the questions below: Economic and budgetary impacts of Telehealth policy: Comparison of the costs to enact, implement, and enforce the policy with the value of the



•              What are the costs and benefits associated with the policy, from a budgetary perspective?

•              e.g., for public (federal, state, local) and private entities to enact, implement, and enforce the policy?


•              How do costs compare to benefits (e.g., cost-savings, costs averted, return on investments, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit

analysis, etc.)?

•              How are costs and benefits distributed (e.g., for individuals, businesses, government)?

•              What is the timeline for costs and benefits?

•              Where are there gaps in the data/evidence-base

NOTE: Please, answer the above questions with references


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