Importance of Clinical Documentation Improvement

Case Study

Just prior to closing out your day as the HIM Director of Maryland Ambulatory Clinic, you receive a call from a revenue cycle management.  The specialist is concerned about lost revenue resulting from documentation errors.   After reading “The Importance of Clinical Documentation Improvement” by Amanda Shanty Balas et all and conducting a google search list your top ten clinical document improvement best practices, and strategies.

End Product

Demonstrate the group’s ability to abstract information from medical records by drafting  a final list of the top ten clinical document improvement best practices and strategies based on current literature.



Each student  is to conduct an online literature search and report out their top ten clinical document improvement best practices and strategies for improving a facility’s revenue cycle.  The

Your initial individual list should be submitted by Friday at 11:59 PM.  Your initial post is to include at least two external citations. One article has  been included to assist you.  Students will work within there group to draft a final list of best practices by Sunday at 11:59 P


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