Intellectual disabilities are most often organic

Intellectual disabilities are most often organic. However, many also have familial origins. Therapy for individuals with intellectual disabilities may include early intervention, behavioral, language, and social skills training, and always requires significant family involvement.

What is the importance of family involvement in therapy, and what is the importance of each of these intervention approaches?

Which is the most common familial cause of intellectual disability?
Fragile X syndrome (FXS) is the most common inherited cause of intellectual disability worldwide. It is caused by a mutation of the FMR-1 (fragile-X mental retardation) gene located on the X chromosome.
How are cultural familial and organic intellectual disability different?
Members of this “organic” group often displayed IQs below 50 and co-occurring physical-medical conditions. The second, “cultural-familial” group, mostly showed IQs of 50-70, did not possess co-occurring physical or health problems, and often came from families of lower IQs and lower socioeconomic status.

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