Intervention planning occupational therapy

Intervention planning occupational therapy. About the client – Jason is 8 and has cerebral palsy. Demonstrates moderate lower extremity spasticity and mild upper extremity spasticity. Has AFOs on both feet and wears hand splints to keep thumbs out of palms. He can reach, grasp, and manipulate objects the size of a golf ball. Whenever possible things are “built up” to improve ability to use them. Has difficulty with bilateral integration and poor spatial/perceptual skills. Has mild learning disability and requires support at school. He sits independently in a small chair with arm rests and an abductor pommel to decrease leg abduction. He requires upper extremity support to circle sit on floor once positioned. Cannot maintain long leg sitting. Righting reactions, protective extension, and equilibrium reactions are delayed in sitting, so if he does not have proper positioning support he falls over if knocked off balance. Develop an intervention plan for this goal: (consider positioning and adaptive devices) Jason will complete 3 of 4 written assignments sitting at his desk in supported sitting and using an adaptive device with verbal cues from the teacher for initiation by the end of the school year.

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