Interview question related to healthcare

Kindly provide a hypothetical answer to this interview question related to healthcare: as a legislator, do you believe that nursing professionals are integral in fostering improved health care services?

2.  how can the legislator improve its function to incorporate the nursing initiatives in making health care policies?

3.  How can the informed professionals help the legislator s in ensuring success of the projected policies?

4.  Talk about a conflict within the legislators and how it has affected the healthcare team.

5. In the field of healthcare, what are the most recent advancements and trends that have taken place?

6.  Describe a time when as a legislator you were particularly proud of the healthcare sector in policy implementation?

7. What one item about the current healthcare system do you wish you could alter, and how would you go about addressing the problem as a legislator?

8. What was your view on their involvement in policy formulation?

9. How do you stay informed with current health care policies and advancements?

10. As a result of COVID-19, significant shifts are occurring in the healthcare environment.

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