Intracerebral hemorrhage

DIAGNOSIS: Current Illness | ICH Intracerebral hemorrhage, Respiratory failure, Pneumonia Past Medical History 67y/o Female with HTN, Hypothyroidism and thyroid cancer on chemotherapy. Ongoing coma, hypertension, Hypokalemia, Pt. presented severe headache with subsequent neurological decline, body posturing, and absent pupillary reflexes before arrival to ED. Pt. is status post craniectomy. Pt. admit to LTACH for Trach management, Trach collar wean, IV ab, Tube feeding. V/S B/P 114/65 HR 78 RR 37 02 97% Temp 97.3F Diet Enteral Nutrition Intake 1.2 Cal 65ml/hr. Flush 30ml/4hrs Output 300ml Urine, 50ml Suction I.V. PICC line left upper arm. Oxygen Room Air 21% Activity Bedrest Special precautions/needs Full Code, High fall risk

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