Isolated systolic hypertension

Isolated systolic hypertension is prevalent in older women due to the high risk of arterial stiffening. When the arteries are stiff, the heart makes it difficult to pump harder to provide oxygenated blood to the whole body; thus, blood pressure (BP) increases. Isolated systolic hypertension happens when a person has a systolic blood pressure of more than 140 mmHg with a diastolic blood pressure of less than 90 mmHg (Tan & Thakur, 2021).

This study aims to investigate the effects of 15-minute daily aerobics exercise on systolic blood pressure in women over 60. The author aims to promote health by confirming if aerobics exercise is the most effective natural way to take care of the heart and lower BP without medications. If proven effective, it could help reduce the burden of hypertension in the chosen population. In this way, US mortality rates of cardiovascular diseases are lessened. The study will use qualitative and quantitative designs with weekly blood pressure monitoring over a month.

The data collected will be analyzed using One-way ANOVA. The aerobics exercise is expected to decrease systolic blood pressure by 5-7 mmHg in the chosen population. The results of this study will have significant implications and will be included in the treatment plan if proven successful, especially for the population at high risk for cardiovascular diseases. Suppose this is implemented; there is less chance of medicine prescription, fewer hospitalizations, morbidities, and mortalities.

Because the US has the highest mortality rate due to cardiovascular disorders, including hypertension, the author aims to know the most effective way to promote cardiovascular health in the most at-risk population, the elderly. Aerobics exercise has been proven to reduce BP because it decreases arterial pressure making the BP low. This will significantly contribute to the healthcare setting as it will probably lower hospitalization rates.

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