Key achievement of the sensorimotor stage of development

Piaget believed that object permanence is the key achievement of the sensorimotor stage of development. In Piaget’s view, this occurs by 2 years of age for most individuals. For an example of this phenomenon in action, see the following video: (you may need to paste the link into your browser window)

Some developmental psychologists, while acknowledging Piaget’s vast contributions to the field, nonetheless question his views regarding object permanence. In your own view or experience, do you feel that object permanence (i.e., understanding that something persists even when out of view) develops as noted by Piaget, or is it possible that individuals have an understanding of object permanence even earlier?

Provide a full, three-paragraph post referencing a journal article in APA style (listed at the bottom of your discussion). You must also provide a full paragraph (at least three sentences) response to at least two other discussion posts.

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