The Key stakeholders for a collaborative initiative

Analyze why it is important to identify the key stakeholders for a collaborative initiative. Describe potential barriers to effective collaboration and identify what strategies a team can adopt to ensure these do not derail their efforts.

  1. One approach to bridging interprofessional gaps is to encourage clinicians to pursue administrative (MHA or MBA) degrees. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages you see in this approach.
  2. Assess whether interdisciplinary collaboration is more applicable to small-scale versus large-scale efforts.  Give an example to support your answer.


  1. Compare and contrast interdisciplinary collaboration in an outpatient versus an inpatient setting. Describe how some barriers can be overcome in each setting.


  1. Describe a time in your practice when interdisciplinary collaboration was critical to a successful outcome. Analyze when interdisciplinary collaboration might it be less necessary.
  2. Describe how nurse and physician leaders can enhance collaboration between the disciplines, including leading teams. Examine whether more leadership education is needed and how it should be provided.


Activity Outcomes
1. Evaluate collaboration in the leadership role and the influence on areas such as quality and safety.
2. Analyze advantages and barriers to interdisciplinary collaboration.

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