Learning about the digestive system

1. Read the instructions posted in this week’s Module, and attached them here, for guidance on how discussions will be used for this class. The instructions include an example of how to format this type of discussion and a grading rubric.

2. This week we are learning about the digestive system. For this discussion, we’ll review how our eating choices and our environment affect our health. Choose an eating style for humans that is important to you or that you are curious about. Some suggested eating styles are provided below, but you may choose a different style than is listed. The style you choose must have peer-reviewed scientific research written about its effect on human health.


Whole 30
South Beach
Weight Watcher
USDA MyPlate
Raw Food

3. You will write a 220+ word essay/discussion about how this way of eating is beneficial to or detrimental to human health – what diseases/conditions does it cause/cure. You must use at least two valid peer-reviewed sources of scientific research, published within the last five years, to support your opinion. Be sure to include both in-text citations and list the references for your sources using MLA format. In-text citations and references do not count toward the discussion word count.

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