Mother’s Diagnosis of type 2 diabetes

The mother’s diagnosis of type 2 diabetes has made a substantial contribution to the challenges that the family faces on a daily basis. Due to the fact that the father is unable to work because of an accident he sustained on the job, the daughter has been forced to take on more responsibilities to help maintain the family financially. Because of the increased workload around the house, the son has also been forced to quit school.

2. As a result of the recent changes in the family’s financial condition, the daughter’s job schedule has undergone significant revisions. Now she puts in extra hours at work to help support the family.

3. The work damage sustained by the father has significantly hindered the family’s capacity to function normally. Due to the fact that he is unable to work, the family has been forced to rely on the son for assistance.

4. The fact that the son did not finish high school will likely have a significant influence on the family’s future. Since he is the only one who can provide for his family anymore, they are in danger of falling into poverty.

5. The cultural background of the family has a significant impact on the kinds of foods they eat. The family has Honduran ancestry, and as a result of their culture, they frequently consume fried dishes and other unhealthy fare.


What difficulties or challenges may they be facing in this situation?

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