The National Drug Strategic Framework

The National Drug Strategic Framework in Australia provides a national policy framework to reduce the harm caused by drugs. This national strategy identifies several ‘priority areas for action, including ‘preventing use and harm’ As a response to this harm-minimization approach, several states across Australia have implemented Medically Safe Injecting Centres (MICs).

Sydney was the first state to do so. For this assessment, you are required to essay using the case study of Sydney’s Medically Supervised Injecting Centre (MSIC) in Kings Cross Sydney.

In this essay, you should relate this policy response to the stages of the policy process, analyzing the extent to which the introduction of the MSIC in Sydney conformed to these stages. Would you say this has been a successful policy response to the National Drug Strategy? Use relevant theory, research and evidence to support your discussion. Subject Aged ( community service) Code dal duo nursing

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