Redevelopment of the once-dilapidated Newton Falls

Just look at the redevelopment of the once-dilapidated Newton Falls area – it has attracted not only middle- and upper-income residents but is also supporting a burgeoning tourist industry.

The need for medical care – more doctors, more hospital beds, more outpatient clinics – will grow, and looking ahead only as far as the end-of-year budget will cost us money in the long run.

The Canada Health Act pledges equitable access for all Canadians to good health care. Join the fight to save the services we deserve as Canadians. Make your voice heard by joining the rally in front of city hall (Manchester Street entrance) Thursday, June 5 at 12:15 pm.

The event is sponsored by CSHH, the Coalition to Save Hillside Hospital. Tell your politicians that we will not let them prioritize so-called efficiency over humanity.

QUESTIONS – Please clearly circle the answer you choose as the correct one.

1/ Who is the intended reader for this article? .


b. citizens

c. politicians

d. hospital employees

2/ How many other health facilities has the area lost in the last 10 years?


b. two

c. three

d. four

3/ What is the main reason given by the government for the decision?

The hospital is too old to repair.

b. The medical system is inefficient.

C. The Hillside costs too much money to run.

d. Hillside’s medical care is not as good as Newton’s.

4/ Compared to Newton Hospital, Hillside.

a. is less efficiently run.

b. has more outpatient units.

C. is more centrally located.

d. has more specialized services. Your Future Looks Bright With DRAKE MEDOX COLLEGE

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