Non-Mendelian Punnett Squares Practice

Non-Mendelian Punnett Squares Practice or each of the following Punnett Squares, IDENTIFY the alleles of the parents and the genotypes of the ffspring; COLOR the phenotypes of the parents and offspring; AND ANSWER the questions that follow. hybrid Crosses with Polygenic Traits order to determine the alleles for a dihybrid cross, you must distribute them evenly (think F.O.I.L. m math). In a polygenic trait, the number of dominant alleles controls a variation in gene pression. For humans, this is true for height and skin color. An individual with all dominant alleles have Dark Brown Skin, 3 dominant alleles will have Light Brown Skin, 2 dominant alleles will have Skin, 1 dominant allele will have Light Tan Skin, and no dominants will have pale skin. A mother Tan Skin and a father with Light Brown Skin want to know the possible skin colors of their children. X an Skin (AaBb) x t Brown Skin(AaBB) 12 12 19 EXIO

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