Description of Benner’s (1984) from Novice to Expert work

1.As you read the description of Benner’s (1984) From Novice to Expert work, where, as an licensed practical nurse returning to school for a baccalaureate degree in nursing, do you think you “fit”? Where would you place yourself within this five-stage model? Can you identify a similar process during your beginning practice as an licensed practical nurse? Why/why not?

2.Describe a change process in which you have been involved. What was your role? What were your restraining forces? What were your driving forces? Were others motivated/mobilized in this process? If so, how?

3. Think of a situation that you would like to change. Identify both restraining and driving forces. What could be done to make the change process occur?

4. As you transition from the Licensed pactical nurse to registered nurse role, is this change in your life happening because of an external force or an internal force? What stage of Lewin’s Change Theory are you currently undergoing? .

5. In writing a personal philosophy of nursing, incorporate the following questions:

a. Introduction: Who are you? Where do you practice nursing?

b. Define nursing: What is nursing? Why does nursing exist? Why do you practice nursing?

c. Assumptions or underlying beliefs about: Nurses? Patients? Other health care providers? Communities?

d. Define the major domains of nursing and provide examples: person, health, environment, nursing.

e. Summary: How are the domains connected? What is your vision of nursing for the future? What are the challenges that you will face as a nurse? What are your goals for professional development?

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