Numerical values describing the resources

1) Identify a soil resource of interest (this should be a region or county) anywhere in the world and describe how it is being used and why it is important.
2) Summarize attributes of soil and water resources that exist in that region. Please use a tabular format or list that includes numerical values describing the resources. This information should help you understand how susceptible soil and water resources might be to degradation. Please cite any data sources you use to develop this section.
3) Summarize important factors (climate, land use, demographic), that have and will likely cause soil change. Include an original graphic or table that helps you summarize ideas and explain relationships between factors and function. If you adapt an image or figure that someone else published indicate this in the figure or table legend.
4) Speculate about current soil condition (provide evidence if you can) and discuss how factors identified above (#3) are likely to influence soil function.
5) Explain why you think this soil could or could not resist or recover from the degradative processes identified above.
6) Discuss implications of soil change for water quality and quantity.
NOTE: The style of writing must be that of  University writing, the phraseology and words must match that

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