Osteoarthritis Degenerative joint disease

Osteoarthritis degenerative joint disease (DJD). What other concepts are related to Mobility? List 5 and give an example of each one.

Exemplar: Osteoarthritis AKA degenerative joint disease (DJD)


  1. Describe the pathophysiology and etiology of OA?



  1. Discuss early symptoms and the progression to later symptoms.



  1. Fill in the table below based on medical treatment of OA?
Treatment Example: Action Nursing considerations





Anti-inflammatory Aspirin




Topical analgesics


Diclofenac sodium gel (Voltaren)
Visco-supplementation Hyaluronic acid







Exercise program



Exemplar:  Fractures


  1. Describe the pathophysiology and etiology of fractures.



  1. Reestablishing the function of the fractured bone is the treatment goal. Explain the following:
    1. Splinting
    2. Closed reduction
    3. Open reduction
    4. Internal fixation
    5. Traction
    6. Casting

Exemplar: Hip fractures


  1. Why are hip fractures so serious for older adults?
  2. What is a total hip arthroplasty? (see Chapter 61) and describe the nursing management.


Exemplar:   Amputations


  1. Describe the reasons why an amputation may be performed.



  1. What are the early potential complications after an amputation?



  1. What are the late potential complications after an amputation?



  1. What is phantom limb and phantom pain?


Exemplar:   Multiple Sclerosis

  1. How common is multiple sclerosis and who is at risk?


  1. Describe the pathophysiology and etiology of multiple sclerosis.


  1. What are some complications that may occur as the disease progresses?


  1. There is no cure for MS.  Discuss the drugs often prescribed, their action, side effects, and nursing consideration

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