Pandemic Fatigue and Clinical Nurses

Labrague, L. J. (2021). Pandemic fatigue and clinical nurses’ mental health, sleep quality and job contentment during the Covid‐19 pandemic: The mediating role of resilience. Journal of Nursing Management, 29(7), 1992-2001.


1. What is the purpose of study?

2. What are the sample (N=xx) and demographics? Describe the sample in detail.

3. What is the study Design type (describe in detail)?

4. What are the variables? (List variables and label as Research, IV, DV) Define your variables.

5. What are measurement methods of variables (tools, surveys or scales). Give detailed descriptions, reliability and validity.

6. What are major Study Findings / Results (include some statistics and whether they are significant or not). AT least two?

7. Overview/evaluation (critique) and how it relates to the problem.

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