Peripheral vascular disease risks

Peripheral vascular disease risks. Liam (he/him) is 55 years old. He is a full-time bricklayer who immigrated from Scotland to Australia when he was 19.

He lives with his wife Lorna in a one-story house, and together they have 3 daughters (all have moved out of home). Four months ago Liam underwent a right below-knee amputation due to peripheral vascular disease and has given up working.

Prior to his operation, he was smoking a pack of cigarettes per day (40/day), and now reduced to 25/per day. Liam now spends his time watching Netflix or at his local soccer club (behind the bar, so he can drink with his mates).

He is drinking 10 – 14 standard drinks per day (he favours an IPA). Liam has current referrals from the GP to a physiotherapist, dietician, and occupational therapist and has appointments for all within the next four weeks.

question to answer 1. Concisely summarize the case study and define the chosen modifiable risk factor behavior.

2. Outline how the risk factor, if left unchanged, may impact on the disability outlined in the case study (i.e. pathophysiology), and how further decline/loss of independence may impact on the persons life, considering their personal circumstances.

3.: Identify a health behavior theory that could be used as the basis for an intervention to modify that behavior (such as, but not limited to: health belief model, theory of planned behavior, transtheoretical model, health promotion model). Concisely outline the theory, and how you, as the RN, would encourage behavior change using this theory.

4.Outline and justify one (1) innovative and practical strategy that can be implemented at home by the person in the case study to encourage risk factor behavior modification, why it is a relevant strategy for the case study, and what the RN’s role will be within this strategy.

5. Outline and justify one (1) appropriate (real) service/support/group in your area able to assist.

Include a brief description of the service (relevant to the clinician, not the consumer),

why this service will assist, and what the RN’s role will be within this strategy

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