Peripheral vasoconstriction

Which of the following concerning peripheral vasoconstriction (PV) during the diving reflex, when carrying out facial immersion with a snorkel is correct? An Apnea and inhibition of the respiratory muscles play a fundamental role B) PV is dependent on the vagal control of blood vessels A pontine neuronal network in the brain activates the sympathetic nervous system to induce PV Sensory information relayed via the NTS activates cells in the IML of the spinal cord which in turn promotes sympathetically induced PV. Activation of the NTS neurons projecting to the nucleus ambiguous is essential for Section 4: Reflex Physiology (Questions 13-20) Question 13 Which afferent and efferent neurons are principally involved in the stretch reflex? A Group la afferents and gamma motoneurones B Group Ib afferents and alpha motoneurones Group la afferents and alpha motoneurones D Group II and gamma motoneurones Group II and alpha motoneurones Question 14 The stretch reflex is characterised as being an? Excitatory disynaptic reflex B) Inhibitory monosynaptic reflex 2 Points Inhibitory disynaptic reflex D Excitatory monosynaptic reflex Excitatory polyphasic reflex 2 Points 2 Points

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