Phases of clinical reasoning

Kindly assist me in analyzing and discussing Levett-Jones’sDischarge from the Hospital, Utilizing Levett-Jones (2010) Clinical Reasoning Cycle (Phases of clinical reasoning) which are-

  1. Consideration of facts from the patient or situation
  2. Collection of information
  3. Processing gathered information
  4. Identify the problem
  5. Establish goals
  6. Take action
  7. Evaluation
  8. Reflection

NB-: The above-mentioned phases of the model must be taken into consideration

Discuss DISCHARGE FROM THE HOSPITAL (Mr AA was in the hospital for lobar pneumonia and was discharged this morning 8 00 by Dr Popo) by applying clinical reasoning with the 8 phases as what a nurse face in the acute care setting, reflecting a direct clinical experience or witnessed by another healthcare provider. The discussion will use EBP (evidence-based practice) guidelines.

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