Postural nocturnal dyspnea

Discuss specific interventions in the implementation section and thoroughly explain why these interventions are important to implement. my drug being given is for hypertension: hydralazine the interventions I chose are:

Monitor for signs of HF, such as increasing dyspnea or postural nocturnal dyspnea, rales or “crackles” in lungs, or frothy pink-tinged sputum. (CCBs and adrenergic blockers may decrease myocardial contractility, increasing the risk of HF.)”(Adams et., al, 2020, p.367).

“Assess the patient’s mental status and mood. (Adrenergic blockers may cause depression or dysphoria.)”(Adams et., al, 2020, p.367).

“Observe for constipation. (CCBs may cause constipation due t

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