Prelicensure nursing program

Make slides on

> Develop a lesson  plan on a topic  of your choice that would teach in a prelicensure nursing program( e.g., infection control, oxygenation, or a fundamental skill)

>Develop 3-4 objectives  for the lesson plan using the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains of learning(there should be one objective for each part)

>identify  three active learning strategies  to engage  the student /learner  that can be utilized with the content to promote a deeper understanding  of the material

>Discuss how the active learning strategies are chosen to support instruction and student learning?

>Analyze how the chosen active learning strategies can be used as summative and formative assessments of learning?

>Discuss the importance of academic accreditation of the nursing program. Who are the major accreditation bodies for nursing?

What is the role of the nurse educator in assisting their academic department in preparation for the academic accreditation review?

minimum slides 27

detailed explanation for each slide

including references too

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