The primary care nursing delivery model

Describe the primary care nursing delivery model along with specific tenets or characteristics from a systems theory or thinking model that makes sense or best depicts the care delivery model. and Explain how the primary care nursing model utilizes tenets or principles of systems theory using descriptors listed below. (Choose 3 from the list below)

    • Each element has an effect on the functioning of the whole.
    • Each element is affected by at least one other element in the system.
    • All possible subsystems of elements also have the first two characteristics noted above.
    • The health of the overall system is contingent on the subsystem’s functioning.
    • Open to environmental influences (could be external and/or internal).
    • Tends to attempt to self-correct through feedback loop mechanisms (homeostasis – or dynamic equilibrium).
    • Adaptive – can learn; transform and evolve.
    • Input-transformation-output (cause and effect; something done has an impact on something else) phenomenon.
    • Degree/or type of influence (or stimulation) can lead to complex or chaotic systems.
  1. Considering the primary nursing care delivery model described in #1, how would you:
    • Approach problem solving­
    • Execute change to achieve outcomes ­
    • Support learning/development ­
    • Respond to new operational challenge

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