Problem-solving processes

In order to be an advocate for the healthcare team and an effective leader, the nurse must be passionate, dynamic, and motivational. The leader must be able to connect with and inspire others and be interested in finding solutions. Some other characteristics include problem-solving processes, maintaining group effectiveness, and developing of group identification.

The leader must also be aware of how others in the group are feeling and be nurturing. A successful leader seeks to develop staff through their leadership and be a mentor (Frankel, n.d.). Being a mentor involves supporting and encouraging each other as they advance in their nursing career.

Mentors are empowering and patient in learning opportunities (Whitney, 2018). Leaders must reframe the thinking of followers by enabling them to believe that change is not only imperative but also achievable (Frankel, n.d.). A successful leader must also have self-awareness. This means that the leader is aware of their own personal goals, values, skills, and motivation and is willing to accept feedback. They must be able to possess role modeling behaviors and strive to be positive and compassionate in the face of obstacles (Whitney, 2018).

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