The Product chiller

During the day, water runs through the product chiller, the pipes, and the heat exchanger to help cool the chickens. At night hot, soapy water runs through the tubing, CIP tank, and heat exchanger in a loop to clean the tubing. This is why we call this a Clean in Place tank. The image below shows both the machine that cools the chickens and the pipes used for the heat exchange. The pipe distance to the CIP tank is 100′ and the pipe distance away from the CIP tank is 100′. All pipes have a 3″ diameter. There are 11 elbows on the heat exchange unit. Each of these elbows has a length of 12″. Each tube in the heat exchange is 10′ long and there are 12 of them. You have to determine what size CIP tank to use so that there is always water running through the pipes with some in the tank.


1. The CIP tank must be filled with enough hot soapy water to clean the entire run of tubing. Industry standard is to size the CIP tank at least 15% more than the volume of the tubing so that there will be some water left in the tank after the tubes are filled. What size CIP tank should you put on the machine?


2. If the height of the tank is 3′, recommend CIP tanks with 2 different sets of dimensions.

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