Promote clinically effective peri‐operative patient care

Assignment Brief

The assignment for the Module will demonstrate the student’s ability to meet the following learning outcomes:

3) Describe and discuss the principles of the role of the anesthetic practitioner
5) Demonstrate appropriate oral and written communication skills in order to promote clinically effective peri‐operative patient care.
6) Demonstrate key skills as described in the Module handbook that promotes a multidisciplinary approach to practice.
7) Recognise and apply effective professional relationships with patients, carers, and members of the healthcare team.

The student is required to:

Choose and discuss one aspect of the anesthetic role of the ODP
Support their discussion by use of a variety of correctly cited and referenced sources
Communicate effectively in writing and adhere to key expectations of academic writing

kindly have the following content as listed below;

Assignment Title





Patient Checklist

Team work Patient Safety and dignity



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