Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing; An RN is working with a 34-year-old patient admitted after surgical removal of a ruptured spleen and an open reduction internal fixation of her left femur after a multiple-vehicle accident in which it has been determined that her husband was driving under the influence of alcohol. Her husband and a passenger in the second car were killed in the accident. In her acute grieving state, the patient verbalizes excessive guilt, stating she never should have let her husband drive after drinking at a party earlier on the evening of the accident. The patient tearfully sobs, “I’ve taken away my babies’ father, lost another family their loved one, and caused terrible grief to everyone! It’s all my fault. If only I’d insisted that I drive. I knew he’d been drinking, but it didn’t seem like he was drunk. This is all my fault! Everyone must really hate me. They must wish that it was me who died. I know I do.”

a. What techniques can the nurse use to help develop a therapeutic relationship?

b. Explain what events will occur in the working phase of this particular relationship.

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