Examine and discuss the psychotherapeutic modalities

Robert Johnson, a 55-year-old man, is married with two adult children and five grandchildren. He is the assistant president of a large bank. In the first session, he tells you that it is becoming more difficult for him to hide his homosexuality. He has kept his homosexuality a secret his entire life. He knew he preferred men when he married his wife thirty years ago, but he thought he needed to get married to hide the fact that he was gay. During his marriage, he has had affairs with many men. Because he has been very discrete, his wife and family do not suspect that he is homosexual and that he has had several affairs.

Now he is having a relationship with a man he loves and with whom he wants to grow old.  Mr. Johnson’s lover threatens to leave him if Mr. Johnson does not get a divorce and makes their relationship public. Mr. Johnson is afraid because if he makes his homosexuality public, he may lose his job and the respect of his children.

He tells you that he is worrying so much about his over leaving that he is unable to concentrate at work. Being the vice president of the bank means a lot to him. He has worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to obtain this position. He does not want to lose it.


1. Provide a provisional DSM 5/ICD 10 diagnosis

2. Examine and discuss the psychotherapeutic modalities you would choose to use to treat this client. Choose between Psychoanalytic, Adlerian, existential, person-centered, gestalt, behavior, cognitive behavior, choice/reality, feminist, and postmodern therapy. You may combine therapies (integrative approach), but you must justify the combination. Be sure to include a list of the specific techniques (therapeutic processes and content), not just the theory you would use for this client. Be specific in how you would treat each client.


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