The therapeutic relationship with the depressed person

Please help me with this and discuss how the counselor developed the therapeutic relationship with the depressed person according to this scenario? with references and within 10 years of reference


(Name of client) has engaged your service for counseling. They have been experiencing a number of issues and is not sure what has been happening over the past few months that seems to have contributed to their situation. Personal Background (Name of client) is a (you specify gender) coming from a family of four. (Name of client) is 22 years old, physically healthy, and single. (Client) is the oldest child with a younger sister, and two younger brothers? (Clients) father is hard working and was somewhat distant in (Client)’s childhood, however (Client) believes their father provided a good home and the necessities of life. (Clients) mother also worked hard in a high-pressure office environment and often came home expressing her anxiety over the decisions made and the people she worked with. Current Situation (Client) currently attends University, is in the third year of a science program, and is struggling with grades and assignments. (Client) begins to tell you about their personal emotional issues over the past year as (Client) has experienced many different events. (Client) has become involved with friends that seem to enjoy partying and social gatherings during a time of COVID-19. (Client) has struggled to find their place to fit in with friends as (Client) also fears rejection

(Client) has been introduced to alcohol and drugs at a number of parties and has been more involved in the consumption of alcohol and drugs (mainly marijuana) than what (Client) has been comfortable doing. (Client) has significant mood swings of feeling elated and everything is great for a few days to not wanting to go out and avoiding people. (Client) has also realized their mother has become quite forgetful of events and trying to put sentences together. (Client)’s father believes their mother is just under pressure and nothing is wrong. The last time (Client) was at home they noticed their mother not remembering where she had placed certain items she was just using, and at one point looked at (Client) and asked “who are you”? (Client) is very concerned for their mother and wants the family to have an assessment completed however (Client)’s siblings are not in favor at this time. (Client) explains they are experiencing a great deal of anxiety as the pressure of assignments begins to build, exams are coming, and (Client) does not feel prepared. (Client) also explained as a young child (Client) experienced rejection as those in school often made fun of (Client) and teased (Client). (Client) tells you how they have been feeling quite low in mood and are concerned about how they will be able to move forward.

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