Renal Solute Load

Tammy is nursing her baby, but she has been having some breast discomfort and is struggling since going back to work. Pumping is just not working, and she wants to convert to formula feeding. She tells you that she and her husband done extensive research and think that they found the best formula option, which is “really reasonably priced” compared to the store-bought options. They would like your advice on this formula before they switch.
The formula provides the following:
Protein 20g per 500 mL
Na 150 mg per 1000 mL
Cl 9 mEq per 1000 mL
K 14 mEq per 250 mL
P 4 mEq per 1000 mL

  1. Calculate the Renal Solute Load. Show all your calculations. (1pt for each solute = 5 pts)
  2. Is this formula is safe/unsafe for their infant and why. (1pt )

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