The primary responsibility of the nurse educator

What is the primary responsibility of the nurse educator when it comes to testing and assessment of students? Gather formative and summative assessment tools which could be used in either a nursing education program or a staff development workshop

  1. Find one Formative assessment tools and one will be a Summative assessment tool.
  2. Take a picture of the assessment tool (test, rubric, evaluation form, etc).  You do not have to take a picture of the entire document–but a picture of the front page or a picture of the computer screen if it is an online tool.  You will then embed the photo onto this post.
  3. Write a description of each tool.  For example, if you find a unit test, you would take a picture of it and then write something like this: “This tool is used to measure student learning in the Nursing Foundations Course.  Students are responsible for learning materials in Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of the textbook.  The tool used to measure the learning is a 50 item test (40 multiple choice, 5 matching, and 5 fill in the blank).”
  4. List the objectives covered by the tool
  5. What level of Bloom’s taxonomy is the tool?  What does the Bloom’s taxonomy contribute to the assessment processes?
  6. What domain(s) of learning does the tool asses

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