Retapamulin topical ointment

A 3-year-old boy was brought to the clinic by his parents because she had a few crusty yellow “honey-colored” scabs on her skin. The patient was diagnosed with impetigo. The doctor prescribed retapamulin topical ointment and sent the patient and his parents home. The boy was brought to the hospital three weeks after the treatment due to a loss of appetite.

According to his parents, the child appears languid and feeble, that he only urinates infrequently, and that when he does, his pee is deeper (reddish-brown) than usual. His face, especially the area around his eyes, as well as his feet, is swollen. The doctor requested urine and blood tests to confirm the diagnosis. The levels of urea nitrogen in the blood and serum creatinine.

Could you suggest his diagnosis?

lab testing or predicted results from a lab test?

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