Organizational structure of Richmond Community Hospital

Depicting the organizational structure of Richmond Community Hospital where the following people listed below are employed.

You need to list both the employee name and job title.

(Note that IT, HIM, and Patient Accounting Services all report to the V-P of Financial Services.)

Make sure you indent separating from Vice Presidents to Directors,  Directors to Supervisors, and Supervisors to their employees.



Ms. Joelle Williams-Director of Nursing

Mr. Paul Nichols-HIM Supervisor

Ms. Lydia Taggart-Vice-President of Corporate Services

Mrs. Margaret Humphries-Board Member

Ms. Lori Rutherford-Lead Coder

Ms. Carleen Hunt-Transcriptionist

Mr. Larry Abbott-Coder

Mr. Jason Hendricks-Director of Payroll & Benefits

Ms. Lisa Conway-Vice-President of Financial Services

Mr. Carl Langley-CEO

Ms. J. P. Carlson-Director of Information Technology

Mrs. Charlotte Richards-Board Member

Mr. Leo Smith-Director of Food Services

Ms. Beth Martin-Director of HIM

Mr. Rupert Jones-Director of Patient Accounting

Mr. Charles Gladstone-Vice-President of Human Resources

Dr. John Radner-Medical Staff President

Mr. Walter Hawthorne-Board Member

Ms. Henrietta Rogers-Release of Information Technician

Miss Caroline Masters-Transcriptionist

Mr. Michael Stevens-Director of Plant Operations

Ms. LeeAnn Miller-Coding Supervisor

Mr. Shawn Lewis-Director of Accounting

Miss Nicole Leonard-Coder

Mr. Thomas Crawford-Director of Employee Development

Mr. Gary Singleton-Board member-President

Ms. Margaret Reynolds-Vice-President of Patient Care

Ms. Cheryl Clements-Transcription Supervisor

Ms. Linda Matthews-Director of Housekeeping

Ms. Ruth Mason-MPI Data Integrity Specialist

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