Right fractured femur

A 38 year male with a right fractured femur, and knee, post op day 1. Orders are enoxaparin (Lovenox) 30 mg subcutaneous (SQ or Sub Cut) q 12 hours x 10 days. There are other orders but for now we will focus on this one.

1. What lab needs to be checked everyday prior to administration of this drug? Why? He is 2 or 3 days to discharge to home.This patient will not be in the hospital for 10 days, (unheard of anymore) so how are you the RN going to instruct him to give his own injection? (Thank goodness his arms aren’t broken?

2.You have solved the problem of injections, but now there is another problem, he wants to just take an aspirin as prevention for his clotting issue. What will you say to him?

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