Sexually Transmitted Infections

Chapter 5, Sexually Transmitted Infections. Becky, age 17, has just been diagnosed with chlamydia. The doctor at the adolescent health clinic has asked the nurse to discuss chlamydia and the  prevention of other STIs with Becky. The nurse
collects the proper educational materials and starts
reviewing them with Becky. Becky tells the nurse this
isn’t the first time she has had chlamydia, but she says
she isn’t concerned about the infection and knows the
medication will cure it. She has had several partners in
the past few months and isn’t sure who gave
chlamydia to her. (Learning Objectives 2, 3, and 4)
What techniques would you use to educate Becky
about the dangers of chlamydia and other STIs?
How would you discuss prevention of STIs with
Please use and list one reference from a peer reviewed
journal less than 5 years old (APA format) with intext
citations ( you can also use current article as a
resource). You can also use the assigned book for this

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