Social cognitive predictors

Fill out this provided Literature Review Research Matrix [DOCX] with research concepts that can be found and connected to either these five articles related to the topic of first-generation college students and resilience at a four-year university, or to the list of articles your instructor provides. The first article has been completed for you as an example.

  1. Garriott, P. O., Hudyma, A., Keene, C., & Santiago, D. (2015). Social cognitive predictors of first and non-first-generation college students’ academic and life satisfaction. Journal of Counseling Psychology62(2), 253-263.
  2. Johnson, S. R., & Stage, F. K. (2018). Academic engagement and student success: Do high-impact practices mean higher graduation rates? Journal of Higher Education89(5), 753-781.
  3. Olive, T. (2014). The desire for higher education in first-generation Hispanic college students enrolled in a graduate counseling program. Journal of Phenomenological Psychology45(1), 72-91.
  4. Scheibe, L., Swanbrow Becker, M., Spinelli, C., & McCray, D. (2019). First generation college students’ perceptions of an academic retention program. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 19(5), 61-76.
  5. Smith, K. J., Emerson, D. J., Haight, T. D., Mauldin, S., & Wood, B. G. (2019). An examination of the psychometric properties of the Connor-Davidson resilience scale – 10 (CD-RISC10) among accounting and business students. Journal of Accounting Education47, 48-62.
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