The criteria for a Substance use disorder

What are the criteria for a substance use disorder? What is the difference between substance abuse and substance dependence? what is dual diagnosis.  What does that mean?


4.  Many people have a substance abuse disorder yet so many people are not identified or treated for this disorder.  What are some reasons regarding failure to detect substance abuse disorders and failure to provide treatment?


5. Review some methods used to screen for substance abuse disorders?


6.  What is the legal limit of blood alcohol content with a breather device?  What is the level that could cause death?  Is that true for everyone?  can the levels change?  why or why not?


7.  Explain briefly what is alcohol withdrawal?  what happens in the body?


What is the treatment course for alcohol withdrawal?  is it life threatening?  What is the most significant concern with alcohol withdrawal?


8.  What medications are used when a person is going through active withdrawal from alcohol?

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