Successive wave troughs

Decreases 7. Ocean waves are also described by their wavelength, the horizontal distance between any two successive wave crests (or successive wave troughs). You can approximate wavelengths on the Wave Analyzer by using the distance scale shown along the right side of the viewing window.

Imagine yourself on the deep water boat, with the Wave Analyzer set at time 0 and a wave crest off the boat’s bow.

Run the video until the next wave crest arrives off the boat’s bow and then stop it. Measure the distance between the two successive wave crests. Recall, the scale is in 10-m intervals.

The distance measured indicates the wavelength of the passing deep-water wave was approximately m. Record this wavelength in the top deep-water section on the Wave Characteristics Table. a. 25 b. 55 c. 95 tional and shallow-water

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