Symptoms of abnormal behaviors

Describes symptoms of abnormal behaviors rather than attempting to explain their origins. 2. It is a form of assessment that is employed by all helping professionals and Par paraprofessionals. 3. Binet’s concept of age represents a person’s overall level of intellectual functioning.

4. During the course of an interview a clinician may conduct a more formal assessment of client’s cognitive functioning by administering a

5. It is use to measure to screen clients for depression. 6. Who is the psychologist who developed the deviation I.Q.?

7. It is the most commonly used classification system of today based on features or symptoms associated with abnormal behavior.

8. It is the main advance of cognitive assessment, from a behavioral perspective is A client’s experiences can be reported, but not and 9. The Roscharch test is a psychological test that uses inkblots to

10. A type of imaging technique, a person is placed in a donut-shaped tunnel that generates a strong magnetic field in which radio waves are directed at the head and the brain emits signals that can be measured at several angles.

11. It is the ability of a test to predict future behavior.

12. It measures the brain waves by attaching electrodes to the scalp.

13. The negative stereotyping of people who are identified as mentally ill is labeled

14 . True or false. Abnormal behavior patterns are grouped together based on theoretical speculation about their causes.

15. T/F. MMPI gets at unconscious information from the projection of needs onto an ambiguous stimulus.

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