Telehealth has emerged as an enhancement to healthcare giving clients greater access to care providers than ever before. It especially benefits people living in remote areas who do not have easy access to healthcare facilities and to specialists. It is beneficial for people with chronic diseases that require frequent monitoring to help keep their conditions under control and prevent hospitalizations. For this assignment, you will select a condition and design a brochure educating a potential client on types of services telehealth offers. Please read your textbook and view the video before you develop your brochure. Feel free to use any other resources to help you understand what type of services are available using this technology. Attached are two example brochures, one created using Microsoft Publisher and the other using Microsoft Word.

  1. Design a brochure detailing how your company uses telehealth services to assist patients in managing the selected condition
    1. Create a tri-fold brochure, choose New page in Word or Publisher, search for a tri-fold template using the online template search bar, select and download a template to use for this assignment. Use the content format provided on the example brochures
    2. Be creative – you can change colors and fonts of provided templates – just avoid too many colors or differing fonts that make the brochure difficult to read
    3. Include both information and images on the brochure (see example brochures provided)
  2. Submit a minimum of two references (APA formatted) you utilized for your brochure content on a Word document and upload it along with the brochure
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